Frequently Asked Questions
Where can we get information in case of questions?

TRC      Hot Line:  (322) 2 506 333

Stereo+   Hot Line:  (322) 2 051 212

The hotline operators provide consultation and technical support within working  hours.

What type of a cable is necessary for digital television? Will an old one be useful?
In order to receive the signal the following items are necessary: 75-ohm impedance coaxial (so-called television cable) and RCA connecting cables. 
The coaxial (copper) cable connects an antenna and set-top box while the latter is affixed to a TV-set via RCA or SCART connecting cable. In case of a modern model of a TV set HDMI cable is also useful.
What is a set-top box and how can we use it?
A device named ‘set-top box’ is necessary to obtain a digital ground-based television signal. The device changes the standard, high-resolution signals into an analog format. The functional of the imported set-top boxes should meet the standards described in the technical requirements documentation.
Will any monthly fee be imposed after switching to digital broadcasting and will we enjoy sport, entertaining and cognitive channels?
a) You will pay only when purchasing the set-top box. Afterwards you will see no monthly fees at all.

b) Only the Georgian channels spread in your district and region will be available. You will enjoy Georgian sport, entertaining and cognitive channels if they are available in your district/region.
I belong to the socially vulnerable category. Can I get the set-top box for free?
If your rating score is 70 000 or less, you will be provided with the set-top box for free by the government.
What is the main question consumers should ask when purchasing the device?
If the consumer’s TV set does not correspond to the technical requirements of digital TV sets in Georgia, he will have to purchase a DVB-T2 standard digital signal individual receiver – a set-top box device. It is desirable the set-top box functional to meet the technical requirements’ document elaborated in Georgia.
After selecting the set-top box, citizens should ask the store consultant to affix the receiver to a TV-set and open broadcasting antenna in order to be sure that it receives at least 8 programs in a parallel broadcasting regime (from 17 March 2015 to 17 June 2017) including 1st and 2nd channels of Georgia’s Public Broadcaster, Adjara Public Broadcaster, Rustavi 2, Imedi, Comedy Channel, Tabula and GDS.
The buyers should show interest in whether the set-top box is able to show the electronic programs’ guide and perceives the Georgian font, for example – the content of the 1st and 2nd channels of Georgia’s Public Broadcaster should be read in Georgian. It is also highly desirable the citizens to check out whether the device is equipped with a Georgian-language instruction. If wanting to receive high-definition (HD) programs by means of the set-top box, you should check whether the receiver enjoys the HDMI cable interface (port). With additional accessories the HDMI, RCA and SCART cables will also be required. While buying the device, it is important consumers to ask whether the set-top box is accompanied with the warranty terms.

What is the reason for switching to digital broadcasting?
The development of the telecommunication technologies has revealed more effective possibilities of the frequency resources. For this reason, most of the world’s developed countries use digital broadcasting instead of the analog one. According to the 2006 Geneva Agreement (GE-06) ITU member countries including Georgia were obliged to switch to the ground-based digital broadcasting. By signing the agreement (regulating the norms of usage of radio-frequency resource for digital and analog broadcasting, terms and coordination issues), the government of Georgia has defined the basic direction of the switching policy according to which the switching process was developed.
How much is the set-top box?
The unit price of set-top boxes purchased by the government for the socially vulnerable families is 19.85 USD. And the set-top boxes sold at the shops have different functionals and relevantly, different prices.
What are the programs available to watch after switching to digital broadcasting?
All programs of Georgia’s Public Broadcaster including 1st and 2nd channels and Adjara Public Broadcaster and the commercial operator will broadcast all open air, national or/and local programs.

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